Coaster train pricing

About project priority

If I have multiple projects in the queue, I will work on them one by one starting from the highest priority coming with Premium+ models to the lowest priority models. In a situation where I have multiple orders of the same tier, I will work on them starting on the project commissioned earliest. Getting higher priority for a model is possible with extra cost.


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*All prices depend on the model. Currency value from 28.9.2022. All PBR textures will only be applied to surfaces that cannot be replicated closely with Roblox Textures. FBX and BLEND models come without extra charge but must be requested before the transaction. Free renders and animations will only include the commissioned model and must be requested before the transaction. Free renders and animations can be published on Bränninen’s media platforms.

I’ve got over 4 years of video editing experience in many different genres, and I have worked for a few of the largest YouTubers in my country.

Video production pricing

Cinematic trailers for Roblox games:

10 €* for 30 seconds of final product video

Youtube video editing – Any style

15€* an hour

Looking for something else?

Custom Projects

Be it coasters, monorails, flat rides, props, 3D animations, high-quality renders, video production, orchestral onboard soundtrack, or graphic designs that you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact for unique commissions or projects!

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